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Shia LaBeouf plays Jerry Shaw, a college dropout who likes to do things his own way. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar. Monday, January 5, Another person also wants Jerry and that person is whoever belongs to the creepy automated female voice telling him what to do over the phone.

It was full of suspense and mystery and will keep you thinking 'whats going to happen next' the whole movie. Arrival is not drawn out or too short, and it creates a perfect environment to intrigue as well as confuse you. It follows a very solid plot and will mess with your mind in a way similar to Inception or Interstellar.

Come on - write a story for a change. The movie is never boring either and its certainly watchable but its also hard to describe its real charms without really giving too much away. The film also takes place across a number of different locations and the mix does a decent job at creating an ambient soundscape that makes the viewer feel rooted in the given locale.

If you love your action movies as much as we do, this is one you deffinatly have to see. Caruso that leaves you less thrilled and more concerned for the lives of the people in the horrific car crashes this movie shows. This movie is a good way to keep your mind occupied, and I highly recommend everyone to watch it.

I wish they'd mak another sequel with him Wednesday, October 29, The session was interrupted by the Chino Hills earthquake on July 29, —and a recording of the quake hitting the scoring stage is online.

Unfortunately, some of them have been kind of nasty which is bad. Sunday, October 19, If you like to feel goosebumps the whole way through a movie Ghost Ship is for you.

Eagle Eye Movie

Tuesday, October 28, Eagle Eye is the equivalent of a locked-up computer: After the inevitable run in with his dad, who clearly thinks the wrong son was run down by a truck, Ethan returns home to find his bank account crammed with cash, his apartment piled high with military gear and a strange woman on his cell phone, telling him to do as he's told or he'll be arrested as a terrorist.

As per the latest figures[ when. In Eagle Eye, the super-secret, super-computer ARIIA being developed by the Department of Defence, gets totally pissed because its recommendation against a strike on a group of terrorists is over-ruled, resulting in the loss of American life.

Most of the scenes are professional. There is an attempt to update the story of the big computer turning on its makers for the era of global terrorism. Really enjoyed the story too, effects were just a little too flashy at times but all around it was pretty damn good.

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It was a complete rip off of I Robot and only half as good. I'm fun, outgoing, and have a great personality. If you are a TASD student please use your school email address.

Jerry is still waffling when the FBI's counter-terrorist unit kicks in his door. Their plot sounds interesting though and it looks like an intense and fast-paced ride from the trailers but you wonder about movies like this, especially when it comes to the ending.

The time it took to grow the plot seemed to take too long for me to stay super interested, but it was involving nonetheless. Caruso does provide a nice polish to the movie, so at least all the nonsense looks good.

'Eagle Eye' Movie Review

The dialogue is well supported and the HAL-like element of the disembodied voice floats across the speakers. As the situation intensifies and the hapless duo are deemed the country's most wanted fugitives, they must work together in order to discover who it was that turned their lives upside down, and what they can do to thwart the criminal mastermind's cunning yet diabolical plan.

In the absence of basic intelligence, the best that Eagle Eye can come up with is trying to hide its plot for a good two thirds of the movie. However, “Eagle Eye” is one of those movies where you have to leave your sensibilities at the door.

Like David Fincher’s “The Game,” “Eagle Eye” is horribly implausible and really doesn’t make sense in.

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The review of this Movie prepared by R.W. Hainline a Level 29 Superb Fruit-Dove scholar Script Analysis of Eagle Eye Click on a plot link to find similar books! Ever since the good old “Even Stevens” days, I have been a Shia LaBeouf fan. His sarcastic, wise-guy attitude and his ability to pull.

My suggestion: Eagle Eye is a great start to your fall movie viewing.

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It may not end up being the best movie out this fall; however it may be one of the more entertaining movies. Arrival follows the story of Dr.

Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguistics professor, as she and Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), as well as the governments of the rest of the world tries to figure out how.

Review: Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye Eagle Eye – Movie Review SYNOPSIS Jerry (Shia LeBeouf) and Rachel (Michelle Monaghan) are two strangers thrown together by a mysterious phone call from a woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, she pushes Jerry .

Eagle eye movie review
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