Proctor as hero a review of act four in arthur millers tale the crucible

When he realizes what he has caused to happen, Giles is overcome by guilt and grief. But looked at another way, Elizabeth is not a liar. His confession also reveals his resoluteness and willingness to not only risk his name to save his wife but also to put a stop to the growing hysteria.

In the play Proctor is seen to break away from the norms of his society.

Why is Proctor a viable hero in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

If so, then a narrator character must read the narrative sections to the audience. This action further exemplifies Proctor's integrity. These background passages result in a more effective portrayal of greed and a more believable character.

Proctor can also be considered a tragic hero whose downfall is a result of his erroneous application of judgment. Because of this, Elizabeth gives him up to God. The plot begins to broil when Proctor's own wife is accused of being a witch.

John Proctor tries to avoid any involvement in the These two elements cooperation and individualism have combined to form a conflicted national identity. Proctor knows that he will damn himself, yet again, if he agrees to confess. He was pious, adherent to the laws and beliefs, and a good Puritan Christian.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is apparent that all the girls in the movie had some type of dysfunctional personality, and bad things happen to some of them, but it just did not seem realistic.

Were she to choose to die without wavering in her decision, as both John and Miller think she would, she would be a threat to the outcome of the play and the sympathy which is supposed to accrue to John.

He is very sure of himself. John Proctor is a hero in as far as he is representative of all Americans.

Feminist Approach to Witchcraft; Case Study: Miller’s the Crucible

The idea comes from two sources: Though, like all young people, they find ways to rebel—just because adolescence did not exist in Puritan society does not mean that the hormones did not flow—they are seriously repressed. At first glance, it appears that they are to be included within the actual production.

The obvious breakdown in Salems social order led to the tragedy which saw twenty innocent people hung on the accusation of witchcraft. He is rendered silent by his fear of exposure as an adulterer. We have all heard of your great charities. An actor playing Thomas Putnam must create a persona driven by greed.

He turned from a comical hero into a true and honorable one, a man who stood up against hysteria of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Knowing that the punishment for their behavior will be severe, the girls claim that they were possessed by the spirits of members of the community who are trying to initiate them into witchcraft.

If John is diminished as Christian hero by a feminist deconstruction, the diminution is necessary to a balanced reading of the play and to a revised mythopoeia of the paternalistic monotheism of the Puritans and its twentieth-century equivalent, the existential mysticism of Miller.

Thinking of his three children and of his wife, he chooses to sign a confession; however, he immediately regrets his decision and refuses to give up the paper. the crucible, Arthur miller uses the character of John Proctor who, residing in hysteria-shaken Puritan Salem, rises beyond the hysteria and proves himself a true hero through his heroic virtues, challenging of authority and power, self-sacrifice and Read on for an overview of what a theme is, a list of important themes in The Crucible with specific act-by-act details, and a summary of how to use this information in your essays and other The Crucible The Crucible written by Arthur Miller is a story that explains a down side to human nature.

This shows how human nature can be cruel to its own kind. In such a way that killing of its own species begins to take Act Four, Summary and Setting The setting turns to the jail as the morning of John’s execution arrives.

The judges force John to decide whether he will live or die. Proctor must search his soul to discover if he is strong enough to face death rather than to be  · The Crucible was written in by Arthur Miller, in part as a critique of McCarthyism, the anti-communist movement of the s Cold War.

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Proctor as hero a review of act four in arthur millers tale the crucible
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